6 Longest Highways in USA

Interstate 90

It is the longest east–west freeway in the United States at 4,862 km and 3,021 miles (4,021 miles).

US Route 20

The U.S. Route 20 or U.S Highway 20 (US 20) connects the Pacific Northwest to New England and is one of the United States Numbered Highways

US Route 30

The United States Route 30 (US 30) runs east-west across the northern tier of the country and is part of the United States Numbered Highway system.

Interstate 10

The Interstate 10 (I-10) highway forms the southernmost cross-country route in the Interstate Highway System of the United States.

US Route 6

main route of the United States, United States Route 6 (US 6), is also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway in honor of the American Civil War veterans association

Interstate 70

nterstate 70 is one of the largest interstate highways in the United States. Beginning in Cove Fort, Utah, and ending in Baltimore, Maryland, this highway takes you eastward