6 Zodiac Signs who are lucky in 2023

Libras, amongst the luckiest zodiac signs this year, are slated to skive through any major challenges and emerge on the other side intact.


Leo as much as a challenge and no spate of planetary bad luck is strong enough to keep them from achieving their goals through sheer moxie.


Also ruled by Venus, a Taurean’s inner thirst for material pleasures and the luxuries of life will continue to be fulfilled this year.


Pisces is blessed with a calm disposition that can help them weather through any storms and spot the silver lining on grey clouds that threaten to rain on their parade.


Aries is not one to allow the planets to conspire against them. With the good reverberations of Jupiter smiling down upon you


2023 might prove to be a mixed bag for this introspective sign, but their philosophical nature means that they will pull through any tough spots by refusing to mire


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