Top 6 Lavender Nail Art Designs Inspired by Flowers

Capture the essence of a blooming lavender field on your nails. This design features a light lavender base with hand-painted lavender stems and blooms.

Lavender Fields Forever

Lavender Blossoms with Bees

Incorporate a touch of nature's beauty with lavender blossoms and buzzing bees on your nails. The lavender flowers can be depicted using different shades of purple, and the bees can be added with black and yellow accents.

Lavender and Butterfly Elegance

Combine the soothing charm of lavender with the delicate beauty of butterflies. A lavender base adorned with hand-painted butterflies in various sizes and shades of purple will give your nails an ethereal and enchanting appearance.

Watercolor Lavender

For a soft and dreamy look, opt for watercolor-style lavender nails. With a watercolor technique, your nails can be painted in lavender hues with subtle variations in color.

Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are not only beautiful in gardens but also on your nails. Hand-paint lavender roses with green leaves for a more intricate and elegant design. 

Lavender Ombre with Petal Accents

Create a captivating ombre effect with shades of lavender, transitioning from dark to light. Add some hand-painted lavender petals or even 3D petal accents to complete the floral look.