The World's 6 Strongest Cats 

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The cougar, also called mountain lion or puma. This huge cat can weigh 75 to 200 pounds and has very powerful jaws.

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Maine Coon

One of the “giant” or large cat breeds, the Maine Coon is a muscular cat that is second only to the savannah cat in terms of size.

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Norwegian Forest Cat

Large and fluffy, the Norwegian Forest Cat is native to Norway. Their thick coats and playful attitudes are famous. Norwegian Forest Cats reach 20 pounds.

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One of the strongest cats is an exotic hybrid that is the most powerful cat in terms of stamina and physical strength, the Bengal.

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The Chausie is another exotic cat breed, being a hybrid between a lesser ratio of wild jungle cats crossed with a higher ratio of domestic cats, particularly the Abyssinian.

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The serval is a wild cat native to Africa. It is widespread in sub-Saharan countries, except rainforest regions.

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