Top 6 Most Popular Animal Print Nail Art Designs

Leopard print is perhaps the most iconic and beloved animal print in the world of nail art. The classic combination of golden-yellow, black, and brown patches gives a sultry and exotic look to your nails. 

Leopard Print

Zebra stripes are bold and graphic, making them a fantastic choice for those who prefer a minimalist yet striking nail art design.

Zebra Stripes

Snake skin is one of the more recent animal print trends to make its mark in the nail art world. This design mimics the mesmerizing scales of snakes, with intricate patterns that create a unique and edgy look. 

Snake Skin

Cheetah print is often confused with leopard print due to their similar appearance. However, cheetah print typically features smaller and more densely packed spots with less defined borders. 

Cheetah Print

Tiger stripes are another popular choice for animal print nail art. The bold, thick, and irregular black stripes on an orange or yellow background instantly evoke the image of a fierce tiger.

Tiger Stripes

Giraffe print is a less common but equally stunning choice for animal print nail art. It features irregular, elongated patches of yellow or beige on a white background, just like the distinctive coat of a giraffe. 

Giraffe Print

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