Top 6 popular Dog Breeds in the USA 

This family-friendly, smart, and fun-loving breed is a favorite in households across America.

Labrador Retriever

French Bulldogs have mixed demeanors—sometimes they love to run and play, and sometimes they just want to lie around and be loved.

French Bulldog

A true dog lover's pet, the German Shepherd is intelligent and hardworking.

German Shepherd

the classic Golden Retriever! A very athletic and highly trainable dog breed, the Golden Retriever is another family-friendly pet with a fantastic demeanor.

Golden Retriever

The Bulldog has a wrinkly face and an extremely lovable disposition. They make great companions and are very calm compared to the other most popular dog breeds on this list.


Poodles are known for making regular appearances in dog shows. Their elegant form never goes unnoticed, but their personalities are just as charming as their looks.


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