Top 6 Tips for How to Care for Your Nail Extensions

The first step to ensure your nail extensions look great and last is to find a skilled and reputable nail technician. A qualified professional will not only provide a beautiful initial set of extensions but will also educate you on how to care for them properly. 

Choose a Skilled Nail Technician

Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial for the health of your nail extensions. Regularly wash your hands and nails to prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating under the extensions. 

Keep Your Nails Clean

Nail extensions can be prone to damage, especially if you use your hands frequently. To protect your nail extensions, avoid using them as tools to open packages or perform other tasks that may put stress on them. 

Protect Your Extensions

Nail extensions will grow out over time, creating a gap between the natural nail and the extension. To maintain the appearance and strength of your nails, it's essential to schedule regular fill appointments with your nail technician. 

Regular Fills

Harsh chemicals found in household cleaning products and acetone-based nail polish removers can damage your nail extensions.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

To keep both your natural nails and extensions in excellent condition, regularly moisturize your cuticles and nails. Apply cuticle oil to keep the area around the nails hydrated and healthy. 

Moisturize and Oil

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